Measuring Wheel

1000 Deluxe

Roto-Sure started in 1986 and has to date been successful in exporting Measuring Wheels to a number of countries around the world.

Roto-Sure owes its success to input, from its customers and constant customer services and quality. Roto-Sure has always valued constructive and novel input from the many people around the world to improve the products range to what it is today. Service and back up is a priority.



The Roto-Sure 1000 Deluxe is a 1 meter circumference measuring wheel (318mm dia) with kick down side stand and folds to half its full length.

Measures up to 10,000 meters by 10cm or 10,000 feet by 3 inches on a push button reset counter driven by a non slip timing belt. The wheel runs on two sealed roller ball bearings.

The Roto-Sure 1000 came with special features which has a trigger brake to hold the wheel still when changing direction or dragging the wheel out from under a bush or building.




Features :
- Metric Increments 100mm
- Metric Measures to 9,999.9m or (10km)
- Fold s in Half Push Button Release Clip
- Push Button Zero Reset
- Kick Down Side Stand
- Convenient Carry Handle
- Wrist Strap
- Wheel Circumference 1m
- Wheel Diameter 318mm
- Heavy Duty
- 2 year Guarantee
- Debris Scraper
- Weight 2.10kg
- Imperial Increments 3 inches
- Imperial Measures to 9,999.9 feet
- Follows Fine Edges
- Runs in Straight Line
- Balanced In Line Movement
- Better Traction
- Wheel Runs On Sealed Roller Bearings
- Optional carry Case
- USA Design Patent D437.796 S