- Digital Planimeter
- Measuring Tape
- Measuring Wheel
- Cross Line Laser
- Surveying Compasses
- Weather Station
- DriveRight 600
- CarChip



Instruction Manuals

The instruction manuals found here are copies of the actual manuals included with our products.

In many cases, a single instruction manual may be related to a number of different products. If you are interested in a particular product and want to know which instruction manuals apply, click the “Weather”, “DriveRight”, or “Marine” button above and go to the page for that product. Then, click on the "More Info" button where it appears at the bottom of an individual product page.

    Alarm Output Module Manual
    Alarm Output Module Supplement
    Anemometer Drip Rings
    Anemometer Manual
    Anemometer Mast Mount Manual
    Anemometer Transmitter Kit for Vantage Pro2
    Anemometer Transmitter Kit Installation Manual
    Anemometer Transmitter Kit Manual Addendum
    Car/Boat/RV Lighter Cord Manual
    Comp. System Shelter Manual
    ConsoleLink Manual
    Coupler Kit
    Crimp-Type Splice Connector Manual
    Daytime Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield Kit (7747)
    Daytime Fan-Asp. Radiation Shield Kit Installation
    Electronic Rain Counter Manual
    Energy EnviroMonitor Manual
    Energy WeatherLink Manual
    EZ-Mount Energy EnviroMonitor Manual
    EZ-Mount GroWeather Manual
    EZ-Mount Health EnviroMonitor Manual
    EZ-Solar Power Kit Manual
    Fan-Apirated Radiation Shield Manual Rev B
    Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield Manual
    Grounding Kit Manual
    GroWeather Manual
    GroWeather/EnviroMonitor Manual - Euro version
    GroWeatherLink Software Manual
    GroWeatherLink Software Manual - Portugese Version
    GroWeatherLink/ET Data Logger Manual
    GrowWeather Console Manual, Spanish
    Health EnviroMonitor Manual
    Industrial Systems Installation Manual
    Interface Cable Adapter Module Manual
    Leaf & Soil Moist./Temp. Station Manual VP2
    Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station Manual
    Leaf Wetness Sensor for Vantage Pro Addendum
    Leaf Wetness Sensor Manual
    Link Isolator Kit Manual
    Long-Range Repeater Installation Addendum
    Metric Rain Calibration Insert
    Mounting Pole Kit Installation Manual
    Multi-purpose Shelter Manual
    Perception II Manual
    Perception Manual - Euro version
    Perception Manual - Japanese
    Protected Junction Box Manual
    Radiation Shield Manual
    Radio Surge Protector Manual
    Rain Collector Heater Manual
    Rain Collector II
    Rain Collector Manual
    Rain Collector Manual - Euro version
    Rain Collector Shelf Manual
    Remote Display Unit Manual
    Second Solar Panel for EZ-Mount Solar Power Kit
    Sensor Mounting Arm Manual
    Sensor Mounting Shelf
    Sensor Mounting Shelf for Vantage Pro Manual
    Sensor Tilting Bracket Manual
    SensorLink Manual
    Shelter Heaters Manual
    Short-Range Modem Pair Manual
    Soil Moisture Sensor & Temp Probe Instructions
    Soil Moisture/Temperature Station Installation
    Solar and UV Radiation Sensors
    Solar Power Kit for Vantage Pro
    Solar Power Kit for Wireless Stations Manual
    Solar Power Kit Manual
    Solar Radiation Sensor Manual
    Standard Systems Installation Manual
    Surge Protector Installation Manual
    Surge Protector Shelter (Large) Manual
    Surge Protector Shelter (Small) Manual
    Temp. Station Manual for Vantage Pro2
    Temp./Hum. Station for Vantage Pro2 Manual
    Temp/Hum Sensor Manual - Euro version
    Temperature Sensor/Probe Manual
    Temperature/Humidity Sensor Manual
    Terminal Box Manual
    Tripod Kit Manual
    Universal Connector Kit Manual
    UV Sensor Manual
    Vantage Pro Console Manual
    Vantage Pro Console Manual - German Version
    Vantage Pro Console Manual - Italian Version
    Vantage Pro Console Manual - Spanish Version
    Vantage Pro ISS Fan-Asp Addendum, 2003 & later
    Vantage Pro ISS Fan-Aspirated Addendum
    Vantage Pro ISS Manual - German
    Vantage Pro ISS Manual, 2002 & Earlier
    Vantage Pro ISS Manual, 2003 & later
    Vantage Pro ISS Manual, Spanish
    Vantage Pro ISS Retrofit Kit
    Vantage Pro ISS Retrofit Kit for Fan-Asp. Stations
    Vantage Pro Quick Reference
    Vantage Pro Quick Reference - French Version
    Vantage Pro Quick Reference - German Version
    Vantage Pro Quick Reference - Italian Version
    Vantage Pro Quick Reference - Spanish Version
    Vantage Pro Updater Instructions
    Vantage Pro2 Console Manual
    Vantage Pro2 ISS
    Vantage Pro2 ISS with Fan Aspirated Rad. Shield
    Vantage Pro2 Quick Reference Guide
    Vantage Pro2 Updater User Guide
    Vantage Pro2(EU) Console Manual, (Sp, Fr, Gr)
    Vantage Pro2(EU) ISS Installation (Sp, Fr, Gr)
    Weather Echo & Weather Echo Plus Manual
    Weather Echo Manual, Spanish
    Weather Envoy for Vantage Pro2 Manual
    Weather Envoy Installation Manual
    Weather Envoy Installation Manual Addendum
    Weather Monitor II
    Weather Monitor II EZ-Mount Manual
    Weather Monitor II Manual - Chinese
    Weather Monitor II Manual - Euro Version
    Weather Monitor II Manual - Portugese
    Weather Monitor II, Hebrew
    Weather Monitor II, Spanish
    Weather Talker User's Guide 1.0
    Weather Wizard III EZ-Mount Manual
    Weather Wizard III Manual
    WeatherLink (USB & Serial) Getting Started
    WeatherLink 4.0 Help Files in Japanese
    WeatherLink 4.0 User Guide, Portugese
    WeatherLink 5.0 for Vantage Pro Getting Started
    WeatherLink 5.4 for VP/Wz/Mn/Pr Getting Started
    WeatherLink APRS Addendum
    WeatherLink Downloader User's Manual
    WeatherLink Emergency Addendum
    WeatherLink for Alarm Output Addendum
    WeatherLink for Mac OSX Getting Started Guide
    WeatherLink for Windows ver 4.0 Manual
    WeatherLink Irrigation Addendum
    WeatherLink Toolbox Manual
    WindScribe Instructions, English
    WindScribe Instructions, French
    WindScribe Instructions, German
    WindScribe Instructions, Spanish
    Wireless Repeater Manual 7614 & 7615
    Wireless Repeater Manual 7624 & 7625
    Wireless Repeaters for VP2 Manual
    Wireless Temp/Hum Station Manual, 2002 and earlier
    Wireless Temp/Hum Station Manual, 2003 and later
    Wireless Temp/Hum Station w/Fan Asp 2002 & earlier
    Wireless Temp/Hum Station w/Fan Asp 2003 and later
    Wireless Temperature Station Installation Addendum
    Wireless Temperature Station Installation Manual
    Wireless Wizard III & Monitor II Manual
    Wizard III and Monitor II Manual, Danish
    Wizard III and Monitor II Manual, Swedish
    Wizard III Manual - Euro version
    Wizard III Manual, Norwegian

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