Storing transformation parameter sets

Screen Shot - Storing Trans. Param. Sets
Graphical and numerical views of the database (click on image for full SKI-Pro view).
GPS System 500 SKI Pro - database view
Viewing and editing observation times
GPS System 500 applications - observation times

GPS Software

LEICA SKI-Pro, SKI-Pro L1 Software

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SKI-Pro is a highly automated suite of programs that handles all types of GPS data taken in all measuring modes. SKI-Pro facilitates the importing of real-time data and combines this data with post-processed results.

SKI-Pro is based on an intuitive graphical interface with a standard WindowsTM operating framework, it is easy to learn and use. A powerful data base ensures effortless data handling and project management. Results are available in  WGS84 and / or local coordinates, and can be exported to a variety of GIS and CAD systems.

As well as data processing, SKI-Pro contains the full range of supporting programs, functions and libraries needed for high productivity GPS surveying. Code and attribute lists, map projections, ellipsoids and geoidal models can be generated, stored and transferred to and from the receiver. Users can also define their own input and output formats.

SKI-Pro L1 is the single-frequency version of SKI-Pro. SKI-Pro L1 processes phase and code measurements for static, stop & go and kinematic surveys. Designed for accurate, fast processing with a minimum of operator interaction, plus full reporting and quality control is available.



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