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Optek AL - 24 Auto Level
Features :
  • Top-Mounted optical peep sight easy for quick reference.
  • Reliable magnetic-damping compensator ensure stability.
  • Equipped with compensator locking system to avoid vibration and shock under transportation.
  • 5/8"x11 threads to fits standard tripods, suitable for both flat and dome head tripods.

Specifications :
Magnification 24x
Standard deviation for 1KM 2.0mm
Double run leveling
Objective aperture 30mm
Field of View 1 30'
Shortest focus distance 0.5m
Compensator type magnetic-damping with locking system
Working range of compensator 15'
Leveling accuracy 0.5"
Circular vial 8'/2mm
Horizontal circle 360 or 400g for option
Weight 1.3kg

Standard outfit : Automatic Level, plumb bob, adjusting wrench, instruction manual, plastic carrying case.