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Concrete Testing Equipment
Automatic Marshall Compactor

This equipment is used for the preparation specimens for Marshall stability testing in compliance to BS 598 standard.








General specifications:

70-1000 INTEC The Automatic Marshall Compactor incorporates a 450mm x 450mm x 200mm concrete base securing a laminated hardwood block. The 4.5kg rammer is lifted and automatically released with a drop height of 457mm. Moulds are held in position by a quick clamping device which are easily inserted or removed, automatic cut-off action when the front panel is open for safe operation, automatically compacts the specimen and stops after the pre-set number of blows has been completed

Accessories for use with automatic marshall compactor:

70-1001/1 INTEC Standard marshall compaction mould (Mould Body, Base Plate,
Filling Collar)

70-1001/2 INTEC Compaction Mould Body

70-1001/3 INTEC Baseplate

70-1001/4 INTEC Filling / Extraction Collar

70-1002/1 INTEC extraction plate for ejecting specimens from moulds