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Leica Builder T
The extremely fast theodolite
Functions of the Builder T
  • Set angles 
  • V display in degrees or as percentage of inclination
  • Sector “Beep” signals right angles
  • Hz display clockwise or counter clockwise
  • Checks level positioning with the graphic levelling aid

Key Features of the Leica Builder T:

  • The Leica Builder is the only theodolite offering a complete product family. It is easy for a user to switch between models without learning a new operation.

  • Absolute circle reading

  • Excellent hardware features, such as laser plummet, endless drives on both sides for Hz and V, brilliant optics with 30x magnification

  • Dual-Axis compensation for reliable Hz and V reading

  • New and intuitive software

  • Unique leveling guidance for fast and convenient setup

  • High resolution LCD display

  • Audible notice for 90° turns

Multilingual function
Does your crew speak different languages? Ours does.The Leica Builder is the only instrument of its class with multiple languages onboard. This allows the user to choose the preferred language – simply and with only one keystroke, for improved efficiency and convenience.