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Soil Testing Equipment
CBR Accessories For Various Testing

Used in conjunction for CBR testing applications.






General specifications:

25-2042/6 INTEC CBR mould body with 152mm diameter x 127mm height

25-2042/7 INTEC CBR extension collar for mould body

25-2042/8 INTEC CBR perforated base plate to fit mould body

25-2042/9 INTEC CBR solid base plate to fit mould body

25-2042/10 INTEC CBR cutting collar

25-2042/11 INTEC C-spanner to fit CBR mould and collar

25-2042/12 INTEC Base plate tool to remove base plate

25-2042/13 INTEC Perforated plate with adjustable stem (swell plate)

25-2042/14 INTEC Swell tripod

25-2042/15 INTEC Dial gauge with 25mm travel x 0.01 accuracy

25-2042/16 INTEC Soaking tank of 600mm x 600mm x 400mm complete with
removable tray

25-2042/17 INTEC Adjustable CBR penetration piston

25-2042/15 INTEC Penetration dial gauge with 25mm travel x 0.01 accuracy

25-2042/18 INTEC Adjustable dial gauge bracket

25-2042/19 INTEC 2kg annular surcharge weight

25-2042/20 INTEC 2kg split surcharge weight