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Soil Testing Equipment
In-Situ CBR Mechanical Loading Machine (California Bearing Ration) Hand Operated

The in-situ CBR mechanical loading machine is used to perform CBR in-situ tests on road construction which enables the bearing capacity of soils to be determined quickly and efficiently for prompt results. Alternatively, the CBR in-situ jack assembly can be mounted on a simple manual version of conversion frame for measuring CBR values in the laboratory, As having the advantage of being disassembled, it becomes available for in-situ testing together with necessary components are incorporated for such an usage. It is ideal for field testing because of its portability advantages.



General specifications:

25-2042 Field CBR test set- c/w 45kN capacity mechanical jack, 30kN capacity load measuring ring, penetration dial gauge, adjustable CBR penetration piston, ball seating attachment (centralising bracket), set of extension rods threaded for quick assembly, datum bar assembly, 4.5kg annular surcharge weight, 4.5kg slotted surcharge weight, 9.1kg slotted surcharge weight, penetration plunger, bracket and adapter for use with mounting penetration dial gauge.

*Approximate weight (kg): 50

Accessories for field CBR test set:

25-2043 Stabilising bar

25-2044 CBR conversion frame for laboratory test

The conversion frame is used to adapt the mechanical jack for laboratory testing methods. The frame is of two column and rigid in construction with an overhead beam to accommodate the 45kN capacity mechanical jack. The conversion frame is made of steel and protected against corrosion.

Replacement parts:

25-2042/1 45kN capacity mechanical jack

25-2042/2 30kN capacity load measuring ring

25-2042/3 57mm diameter, 25mm travel x 0.01mm division penetration dial gauge (BS standards)

25-2042/4 Adjustable CBR penetration piston

25-2042/5 Ball seating attachment

25-2042/6 Set of extension rods (per set)

25-2042/7 Datum bar assembly

25-2042/8 4.5kg annular surcharge weight

25-2042/9 4.5kg slotted surcharge weight

25-2042/10 9.1kg slotted surcharge weight

25-2042/11 Penetration plunger

25-2042/12 Bracket and adapter