KOIZUMI Digital Planimeter


Measure all kinds of lines quite easily! Most advanced digital curvi-meter (Map-meter). Comcurve-5 (with function of a counter)

This Comcurve-5 is a handy and a compact made instrument capable of taking quick measurements of lines in any form and in any scale. Also it can be used as a counter by switching a shift key.

* All measuring units are available, such as groups of meters (mm, cm, m, km), inches (in, ft, yd, mile) and nautical mile (n. m).
* It performs automatic conversion of any and all scales of lines. It also converts acquired
measurement results into any other units.
* It averages the measurement results by measuring several times to minimize the measuring error.
* It can calculate accumulative measurement values by adding up the number of measurement.
* It is compact, made in pocket size. So it is portable at everywhere.
* It is quite useful for measuring lengths contained in various design drawings and curved lengths of paper patterns in addition to measurements of maps and marine charts.

Comcurve-5 is easy to handle

4 joyous body colors available at your choice.(Exclusive leather case)

Specification and Standard
Display: Custom liquid crystal
* 8-digit numeric display using zero surpression system
* 14 indicators
9 unit and SC (SCALE), M(MEM0), H(HOLD), R (direction of measurement), L (direction of measurement)
Main element: LSI (Custom Microcomputer)
Sensor element: Rotary encoder of Custom Conductive Plastic Element
Display system: Full floating point system, 8 digit display
Range of measurement: 10m (exact size)
Minimum display: 1mm
Accuracy: Within 3/1000 pulse (according to our internal inspection standards.)
Resolution power of the sensor: 0.5mm
Units for display: * metric system mm cm m km
* inch system in ft yd mile
* nautical mile (n.m)
Curvimeter mode: * function to measure reduced scales and full sizes
* function to measure cumulative as well as mean values
Counter mode: Counting function up to 6 digits
Battery saving function: Auto-power-off function
Power source: Alkali manganese battery (LR-44) Continuous-duty hours: approx. 750.
Service temperature: 0C ~ 40C
Storage temperature: -20C ~ 60C