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Concrete Testing Equipment
Compacting Factor Apparatus

The compacting factor apparatus consists of two conical hoppers mounted vertically above a cylinder. Each of the conical hoppers comprise of a hinged flange and a quick release mechanism to allow the concrete sample to flow freely into the cylinder. The hoppers and cylinder is mounted on a steel rigid frame and are easily removed for cleaning. The apparatus is protested against corrosion.





General specifications:

60-5013 Compacting Factor Apparatus - c/w two conical hoppers and cylinder mounted on a steel rigid frame conforming to BS standards

Accessories for Compacting Factor Apparatus:

60-5008/3 Tamping rod

60-5008/4 Compacting bar

60-5008/5 Quartering tray

60-5012 Stainless steel scoop

Replacement parts:

60-5013/1 Cylinder mould (for use with compacting factor apparatus)