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Concrete Testing Equipment
Concrete Compression Tester - ESD Models

The ESD models consists of the following type: ESD 1500, ESD 2000 and ESD 3000. Capacity of the compression tester is measured in (kN) units with 1500kN, 2000kN and 3000kN respectively. Also available in ADR models which incorporates the automatic load frame with Monitor 3 DR models incorporates manual control system with Monitor 3 and ESC models for separate control console unit. The compression tester is designed and supplied ready for testing of 100mm, 150mm concrete cube specimens and 300mm cylinder specimens. The compression tester could designed and supplied ready for testing of 100mm, 150mm concrete cube specimens and 300mm cylinder specimens. The compression tester could accommodate other range of testing provide appropriate distance pieces (spacer blocks) is incorporated which is suitable for the sample capacity.


The loading gauge is of a digital load measurement unit (DIGICON 2) from the UK having a in built auto range system with lower range display of 0.1kN division up to 400kN capacity and automatically changes to 1 kN division up to maximum capacity of load frame. The load frame is rigid in appearance comprising of four heavy duty load columns tested for stability with upper spherical ball head seating designed to BS1881 standards. The readout unit is compatible and accommodates all of INTEC load frames which is factory calibrated to BS1610 or ASTM standards for verification of gauge accuracy. Each DIGICON is supplied complete with a pressure transducer, electric cable and a tee piece for connecting to an existing load frame.

The DIGICON 2 has as standards a RS232 serial port fitted on the rear for downloading results with use of a printer or personal computer, monitors progress with an on screen bar graph, pacer display, includes real time clock, calibration through keypad with password protection, displays and stores calculated stress.

General specifications: ESD 2000 (2000kN capacity) with DIGICON 2 and manual control system as standard model

60-1022 ESD 2000 (2000kN in capacity) - c/w a digital analogue load measurement unit (digital readout unit) factory calibrated to BS1610 or ASTM standards, load frame tested for stability, three distance pieces, safety fragment guards, fitted with a manual hydraulic power pack with variable speed control for loading and fast setting (rapid approach)

* Maximum vertical clearance : 320mm

* Maximum horizontal clearance: 228mm

* Ram travel: 50mm

* Overall dimensions (h x w x d in mm): 1235mm x 640mm x 640mm

* Approximate weight (kg): 1450

* Electrical specifications (volts, Hz, ph): 220-240,50,1

* High range gauge minimum division (kN): 1 (0-2000kN)

* Low range gauge minimum division (kN): 0.1 (0-400kN)

* Indicating range: varies depending on gauge capacity (e.g. 0-2000kN)

* Measuring range: setup by operator

Models available:

60-1021 ESD 1500 (1500kN capacity)

60-1023 ESD 3000 (3000kN capacity)

Replacement parts:

60-1000/6 DIGICON 2 digital readout unit