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Soil Testing Equipment
Soil Density Sampler

A known volume from the core-cutter in driven into the soil by a rammer in order to determine the dry density of in-situ soils. The core-cutter is removed, trimmed and the sample of soil obtained would be weighed and dried for density/moisture content to be calculated. Used to take standard volume sample from the ground in order to establish the in-situ density of soil.





General specifications:

25-2016 100mm inside diameter core-cutter apparatus - c/w core-cutter steel
tube,driving dolly and driving rammer

25-2017 150mm inside diameter core-cutter apparatus - c/w core cutter steel tube, driving dolly and driving rammer

Replacement parts:

25-2016/1 100mm diameter core-cutter
25-2016/2 Driving dolly
25-2016/3 Driving rammer
25-2017/1 150mm diameter core-cutter