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150/100mm Concrete Cube Mould

300mm Cylinder Mould

BS Tamping Bar


Concrete Testing Equipment
Concrete Moulds

The testing methods for concrete samples requires that specimens are cast in a number of standard sizes for compression and flexural testing of strength determination to meet the stringent requirements of international standards; e.g BS standards. ASTM standards and etc. All of INTEC concrete moulds are designed for rigidity and manufactured from high quality steel with accurately finished internal surfaces, machined to precise dimensions, no distortion during specimen preparation and complies to BS1881 standards.







General specifications:


60-5000 100mm cube mould (100mm x 100mm) - c/w clamp attached base plate

60-5001 150mm cube mould (150mm x 150mm) - c/w clamp attached base plate


60-5002 100 x 100 x 500mm beam mould - c/w base plate

60-5003 150 x 150 x 750mm beam mould - c/w base plate


60-5004 150mm x 500mm cylinder mould - c/w base plate and locking ring

Accessories for concrete moulds:

60-5005 Tamping bar (380mm x 25mm square section) made of steel complying to BS1881 Standards

60-5006 Tamping rod (600mm x 16mm diameter) made of steel

60-5007 Mould Oil

60-5008 Wire brush