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Optek DE - 5L Laser Theodolite

An electronic transit with a  5-second digital readout, the DE Series measures horizontal and vertical angles using an incremental encoder detection system. Key operation is very simple, and all angle readings are displayed digitally on an LCD window. The telescope optics produce a bright, erect, 30x image. Also comes complete with a 3x optical plummet which produces an extremely bright, clear image. Other features include a built-in display and crosshair illuminator for low light conditions, clockwise or counterclockwise horizontal angle measurement options; vertical angle measuring: provides three different options plus percent grade; automatic power shut-off with three options; none, 20-minute or 30-minute; optical plummet; zero resetting; and sealed construction. Hard-shell carrying case, manual and accessories are included.

Features :
  • Raster incremental code system is adopted and two sides of LCD display plate can save power and display clearly.
  • High integrated electronic boards and all famous IC elements are high quality.
  • Steel axes imported lubricating oil and metal shell are adopted to assure long operating hour. Independent tilt sensor which auto-corrected.
  • Water resistant seal for telescope provided.
  • Coaxial clamp and tangent screws provided.
  • Common function modes for standard and simple operation.
  • Combined with various models of EDM's.
  • Connect to electronic book for auto-recorded and auto-processed map.

Specification :



Length 165mm
Objective lens aperture 45mm (1.77in.)
Magnification 30x
Image Erect
Field of view 130'
Resolving power 3.5"
Minimum focus 1m
Stadia ratio 100
Angle measurement
Accuracy 5"
Display Resolution
Selectable, Horizontal
and Vertical

5" (1.0mgon)
Weight (incl. batteries) 5kg