The new and improved

The world's most affordable large format colour scanning system…is now even better!

The new and improved DESKAN 6 scanning system offers a fast, budget  conscious means of having in-house large format colour scanning, where low to medium volumes are involved.

DESKAN 6 represents the next generation in low cost scanning solutions. Our newest system provides speed, accuracy and image quality comparable to conventional A-zero and E-size scanners at a fraction of the price.

At the heart of the system is the new DESKAN scan head developed by Shapemakers.
This new scan head offers the latest innovations in scanning technology. It allows image scanning and data transfer at speeds that are 6 times faster than the previous DESKAN 5. The benefit of ownership is a faster return on investment in the shortest possible time.

Features :

* Scans documents up to A0 (E size)
* Operates on Windows 98,2000,XP
* USB 2.0
* Scans in 24 bit, 8 bit colour, greyscale and B+W
* Resolutions: Up to 600 dpi.
* A large range of raster formats including PCX, BMP, TIFF and JPEG
* Raster editing tools include: drawing tools, stamp feature, arc, circle and rectangular replacement.
* Powerful built-in colour reduction and rubber sheeting capabilities
* Improved strip analysis
* Deskan 5 to Deskan 6 upgrades available

Benefits :

* Excellent value for money
* Comparable accuracy to traditional large format colour scanners.
* Transportable
* Protects delicate documents
* Easy to learn
* Fully supported by the dealers and manufacturer.
* Manufacturers commitment to ongoing research and development

Recommended requirements :

* Personal computer using as Pentium 3 or higher
* 128 megabytes of RAM
* Windows XP operating system
* 20 Mb hard disk space for application (40G hard drive or more)
* CPU should have CDR/RW or DVD burning capability

A.M. Moochhala - United Stationery, Singapore

The DeSKan Express is an excellent, accurate, portable and affordable machine and is able to scan the finest fabrics and the most delicate maps without any fear of damage to the originals. No other solution in the market offers all the above in a single package.

Alexander Sousa Sol - AJS Engenharia e Informatica, Brazil

"We have found the equipment to be very suitable for copying firms, general firms and engineering departments, including civil engineering and construction. Competitors with conventional roller scanners scanning in Black & White are 5 to 8 times the price of DeSKan Express. Furthermore DeSKan Express can scan colour and can scan documents in any stage of conservation."