Disto™ A3

Measuring made easy – with your robust and reliable partner!

Robustness and easy handling are the defining characteristics of the DISTO™ A3. In addition to the well-known shortcut keys, are the minimum and maximum measurement functions, which enable horizontal and diagonal measurements e.g. in corners. The built in Power Range Technology™ permits making measurements of up to 80 m without target plates. This makes the robust one outdoor capable. To keep you from forgetting your measured values, there is also a memory function.

Power Range Technology™
Measure distances up to 80 m even without a target plate and without moving a step.
  Simple to operate
Due to the shortcut keys addition and subtraction, as well as surface and volume calculations could not be easier.
  Integrated spirit-level function
Horizontal alignment made easy, such as for plug sockets.
Features Your Advantages
Measuring range of 0.05 m/0.16 ft up to 100 m/325 ft; typ. accuracy ± 1.5 mm/ ± 0.06 in Fast and accurate measurement of distances
Power Range Technology™ Measure long distances, up to 80 m without the need for a target plate
Continuous measurement Measuring of minimum and maximum distances, e.g. for measuring a room diagonal
4-line display Read several measured values with a single glance
Illuminated display Measurement readings are visible even in the dark
Integrated spirit-level function Horizontal alignment
Targeting assistance For lining up targets over longer distances and in open spaces
IP54 Spray water and dust proof – essential for construction sites
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