Disto™ A6

Optimum functionality - with ergonomic design

The measuring process on the Leica DISTO™ A6 isn’t over with the display of the results:  integrated BLUETOOTH® technology, combined with software designed to let you export measurement readings straight into various programs (e.g. Word® Excel®, AutoCad®) without the use of cables. Take the hard work out of measuring – it is fun now!

Wireless transfer via Bluetooth®
Forget paper and pencil now!


DISTO™ transfer
Transmits your measured values without wires to your Pocket PC od laptop for further processing - with the program of your choice. The application operates in the background, so will not even notice it running.

  Navigation keys
control the cursor movement in the software with the Leica DISTO™ A6 and leave the pen of your Pocket PC in its holder!
Features Your Advantages
Measuring range of 0.05 up to 200m  (0.16 up to 650ft); typ. accuracy ± 1.5 mm (± 0.06in)  Fast and accurate measurement of short and long distances
Power Range Technology™  Allows measuring of long distances (approx. 100m) without target plate
Integrated viewfinder with 2x magnification Indispensable for measurements outside esp. at bright sun lights
Integrierted BLUETOOTH® technology Wireless and reliable data transfer to Pocket PCs and PCs
 DISTO™ transfer Free software which sends the measured values reliably to Excel®, Word®, AutoCad® and many other softwares.
Navigation keys Direct control of the cursor movements
IP54 Splash and dust proof - important for all professionals
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