Cross Line Laser



Features :

* Indoor / Outdoor
* Sanyo Laser Diode inside
* Upper Cross and one grand dot make you set pillars more easily
* Move your horizontal up and down easily with few button
* Special offer : Power-kit included

Functions 4 Vertical Lines. 4 Horizontal Lines, 1 Down Plumb Point
Accuracy 1mm @ 10m
Work Range 10m/40m (With Receiver)
Laser Diode 635nm, Visable Red Light
Laser Power <1mw (Class 2 standard)
Self Levelling 4
Tilting Alert Sparking Horizontal line while laser was not levelled
Levelling System Electric-Optical
Power AA Battery x 4
Power Life 4 hrs (With Power-Kit)
Accessory Power-Kit (4 rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries and one Charger) included
Size 130 x 240mm
Weight 2.2kg
FMX20 Receiver
Apply Type All Kinds of cross line laser (6k-10k)
Accuracy 2mm/30m
Work Range 30m
Power DC 9V
Power Life 6 hrs
Working Temperature -20C~+40C
Working State Led/Buzzer