Using advanced micro-processor technology, DriveRight 600E constantly monitors your vehicle’s speed, sending data to an interactive on-board LCD display console. Drivers can see their driving performance in real time. Console displays time, distance, top speed, and average speed. Audible alarms with user-settable limits for speed, acceleration, and deceleration give instant feedback to drivers. Automatically creates an accident log whenever there is a sudden deceleration. Prevents unauthorized changes to data or thresholds, monitors multiple drivers through ID codes, protects data, and allows monitoring of brake lights, seatbelts, power take off switch, headlights. Enough memory for 600 trips and 10 accident logs.

Use our Wireless Download System to automatically transfer information from vehicles to your PC via an effortless wirelss transmitter. No cables, no hassles.

Add our Fleet Management Software to track and compare drivers, vehicles, and departments, helping you assess performance, improve safety, and lower costs—all with a minimum of effort.

Optional GPS Module for DriveRight 600E gives you additional details on where your vehicle's been and how it's been driven.

Our DriveRight SmartCard System authenticates driver ID, makes downloading quick and easy, and simplifies administrative tasks.

(Click here to see an installation diagram of the DriveRight 600E system with both GPS and SmartCard.)

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