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Leica DX10 Field Controller

With its flexibility and advanced funtionality the Field Controller Leica DX10 allows to take full advantage of your software's features.


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Made for use on site
Leica DX10 delivers maximum performance and reliability and meets the military's rigorous MIL-STD-810F standards for vibration, shock and temperature extremes. It comes with an IP67 rating against water, humidity, sand and dust.

The new Leica DX10-Y and DX10-R has an ergonomically shaped case and the hand-strap at the back make it fit perfectly in your hand. The pocked sized design and its weight of just 482 grams (17 oz) make it easy to carry in the field.

Featuring standard Bluetooth optional wireless, the waterproof Leica DX10 offers excellent visibility in all lighting conditions. A high contrast colour display with sealed touchscreen delivers brilliant contrast and selectable portrait or landscape view.

The workhorse
The Leica DX10 field computer features a high-performance 520 MHz Intel Xscale processor, 128 MB low-power RAM and a solid-state 256 MB Flash disk. The intelligent, rechargeable, lightweight Li-Ion battery pack provides operation for more than 20 hours on one charge.

With a CF and SD card slot, 9-pin RS232 and 2x USB ports, the Leica DX10 guarantees for multipur-pose use with peripheral devices and specialized applications. The standard top cap protects the CF and SD card slots from rain, dust and wind. Optional wireless communication such as Wi-Fi or wire-less cellular modems extend the versatility of the Leica DX10 in the same way as the standard Microsoft®  Windows Mobile® versions Internet Explorer®, Word, Outlook®, PowerPoint® and Excel®.