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Equipment Accessories
RL15 Rod Level
Aluminum body with metal clip to hold it in place on the pole.
Glass circular vial with three adjusting screws.
  RL20 Rod Level
Robust aluminum body. Glass circular vial with three bottom mounted adjusting screws.
DJ-2 Optical Square
Double penta prism for fast right angle sighting in either direction. Protective metal cover rotates to protect prism. Comes with a leather case.
  Hand Level
For preliminary survey and simple distance estimation. Square aluminum body and easy to read vial. Comes with blister packing.
Abney Level
Graduated 0 to 90, 0 to 100% on a arc. vemier reads to 10'.
Square aluminum body and arc.
Comes with blister packing.
  Brass Plumb Bobs
Precision machined for perfect balance.
Includes a hardened steel point.
Steel screw caps allows storage for point. Available in 12OZ, 14OZ, 16OZ, 18OZ, 24OZ, 32OZ. Comes with blister packing.
Brunton Type Compass
For preliminary survey, topography, geological field.
Comes with a leather case.
  Leica Disto Viewer
For measurement operations outdoors to find target easily and quickly.
Applicable to Leica Disto include a adapter. Comes with a carry case.