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Optek J2-2 Optical Theodolite
For all routine survey work in civil engineering construction, forestry and land surveys such as :
  • Triangulation and traversing
  • Precise construction
  • Cadastral surveys
  • Deformation studies
  • Optical tooling and laboratory measurements, field astronomy

Features :
  • Telescope gives a bright, high-contrast erect image.
  • Digital reading is quick and error-free.
  • Automatic index improves accuracy and simplifies vertical angle measurement.
  • A wide range of accessories fits theodolite to many tasks.
  • This instrument can also be used with DCH2A, LEICA, SOKKIA, TOPCON and  PENTAX EDM.
Specification :
Item J2-2
Horizontal Standard Deviation of a direction measured in face left and face right 2 "
Vertical Standard Deviation of a direction measured in face left and face right 6 "
Telescope erect image
Magnification 30x
Clear objective aperture 40mm
Shortest focusing distance 1.6m
Field of view at 1000m 24m
Multiplication factor 100
Additive constant 0
Bubble sensitivity per 2mm run
Circular level 8' /2mm
Plate level 20" /2mm
Automatic vertical index (magnetic damping)
Setting accuracy 0.3 "
Working range 3 '
Smallest interval of optical micrometer 1 '
Operating Temp -30 ~ +50
Net Weight 6kg