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Soil Testing Equipment
Mackintosh Boring Kit

The Mackintosh Boring Kit is primarily useful and ideal for initial site investigation work in remote areas. This particular method is used in conjunction with control bore holes which considerable area can be investigated efficiently and cost effectively. The equipment is capable f probing to the depth of 13 meters depending on ground conditions. The use of specially designed extension rod couplers reduces bore hole friction to a minimum, permitting easy operation to a considerable depth.


General specifications:

25-202 Mackintosh Boring Kit - c/w 15 extension rods with each in length of 1 meter, 15 pieces of coupling, 2 pipe wrenches, 1 hammer, 1 lifting tool, 2 driving points and 1 steel heavy duty carrying case.

Approximate weight (kg): 37.5 inclusive of carrying case

Accessories for Mackintosh Boring Kit:

70-2025/1 Extension rods of 1 meter in length

70-2025/2 Coupling

70-2025/3 Pipe wrench (per pair)

70-2025/4 Hammer

70-2025/5 Lifting Tool

70-2025/6 Standard driving points (per pair)

70-2025/7 Heavy duty steel carrying case