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Loss on Heat / Thin Film Oven

This dual purpose oven is designed to perform the loss on heat test and thin film test for bitumen and asphaltic materials and complies to the requirements of BS 2000 ASTMD6, D1754 and AASHTO T47, T179.





The exterior is constructed from sheet steel finished in an easy clean powder coated paint and the interior chamber is made from stainless steel.

The unit is well insulated and has a door with double glazed window for viewing the test chamber.

The control system comprises of a direct reading thermostat and overheat thermostat, both with calibrated scales and tamper proof locks. Temperature is controlled and pre-set at 163 C . 1 C.

Two rotating platforms are supplied to perform both the tests.

Genlab ref. number Chamber (HxWxD cms) Weight (kg)
LOH/TFO 35 x 350 x 350 44.0