Cross Line Laser
LP 803 Multi Line Laser

Features :

* Equipped with magnetic damping system for quick self-levelling.
* If the unit exceed the self-levelling range, the laser line will be shut off with warning signal.
* The unit will emit one horizontal, 3 vertical line with plumb dot, the 3 vertical line will be acrossed on the ceiling at 90.
* With horizontal rotating mechanism and fine adjustment knob for convenience working.
* With Indoors/Outdoors switch function, laser detector can be used for outdoors operation.
* Remote control can be optioned to control most function on the unit.
* High accuracy, short self-levelling time.

Levelling accuracy 1mm/5m
Self-levelling range 3
Working range 10m without detector, 25m with detector
Laser source 7mw laser diode
Wave length 635nm 5nm
Width of laser 1.5mm/5m
Output power ≤1mW
Laser safety class Class ll
Working distance of remote control 25m-30m
Power supply 4.5V(3xAA size batteries)
Operating time 10 hours for continuous operation
Range of operating temperature -10C -+50C
Waterproof grade IPX4
Mounting thread 5/8"x11, ISO standard
Size 158x178x245(mm)
Weight 2.2kg
Remote Control RL800
Remote control from Infrared  
Remote control distance 25m-30m

Control the transmisson of one horizontal line and three vertical lines and indoors/outdoors mode


Standard outfit : Main unit, laser glasses, magnetic target, batteries, plastic case.
Optional accessories : LVH800 laser detector with clamp, RL800 remote control.