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Digital Planimeter
Comcurve - 5
Comcurve - 8
Comcurve - 9 Jr
Placom N Series
Placom KP - 21C
KP - 800
KP - 1000
Measuring Tape
Nylon Coated Steel
PVC Coated Fiberglass
Water Level Measure
Diameter Tape /  Surveyor Rope
Measuring Wheel
1000 Deluxe
Classique Professional
5000 Road Measurer
5041 Land Measurer
5500 Measure Meter (Mechanical Metric)
5505E Measure Meter (Electronic)

Cross Line Laser
SP30 Automatic Rotation Laser
SP50 Automatic Self-Leveling Laser
LM300 Cross Line Laser
LP803 Multi Line Laser
LP804 Multi Line Laser
SL - 100 Square Laser Liner
DMX440 Cross Line Laser
BMX211 Cross Line Laser
LP102 Cross Line Laser
Surveying Compass
Tracon Surveying Compass

Laser Distancemeter

Leica Disto™ A2
Leica Disto™ A3
Leica Disto™ A5
Leica Disto A6
Leica Disto™ D2
Leica Disto™ D3
Rotation Laser

Leica Roteo 35