OmniSTAR is a wide-area differential GPS service, using satellite broadcast techniques. Data from many widely-spaced Reference Stations is used in a proprietary multi-site solution to achieve sub-meter positioning over most land areas worldwide.
OmniSTAR is a member of the Fugro group of companies with offices throughout the world. A request form is provided for requesting additional information on areas and services.

How it Works :-

OmniSTAR's "VBS" sub-meter service generates corrections in each user's GPS receiver that are optimized for the user's location. OmniSTAR-capable L1 GPS receivers output both high quality RTCM-104 corrections for external use, and differentially corrected Lat/Long/Height in NMEA format. The Graphic shows how the VBS system operates.

  • - GPS satellites

  • - Multiple OmniSTAR GPS Reference Sites

  • - Send GPS corrections via lease line to

  • - Houston Network Control Center where data corrections are checked and repackaged for uplink to

  • - L- Band Geostationary Satellite

  • - Typical Geostationary L-Band satellite footprint.

  • - Correction data are received and applied real-time

The OmniSTAR HP and XP services operate is a similar manner, but require OmniSTAR-capable dual-frequency GPS receivers.

(Excluding local Taxes)
Hardware Description Retail Price US$
OmniSTAR 3100 LRS
A full function DGPS receiver system with antenna, cabling and manual. Interface to an external GPS receiver.
US$ 3,350
OmniSTAR 3200 LR12

A full function DGPS receiver fitted with a 12-channel Trimble BD132 GPS receiver board, antenna, cabling and manual.

US$ 3,950
OmniSTAR Annual Signal

One (1) year Signal with VBS (Virtual Base Station) Solution.

US$ 2,450
Two (2) years Signal Package (VBS) US$ 4,400
Three (3) years Signal Package (VBS) US$ 5,900
Vehicle Mounting Option

Includes magnetic base for antenna and cigarette lighter adapter.

US$ 100

Well-constructed backpack and antenna poles for field operations.

US$ 200
Data Logger / GIS Data
Collecting Software

Includes a PSION Workabout MX Data Logger and a full function GIS data collecting software package.

US$ 2,400

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                            Purchase  :             Fourteen days from receipt of order (subject to confirmation)

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