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Soil Testing Equipment
KS 300 Mechanical Sieve Shaker

The KS 300 mechanical sieve shaker is an electrical motorised portable sieve shaker which is simple in operation and user friendly to the operator. Its of simple appearance but designed in a rugged and sturdy construction which offers to be portable (light in weight) and compact.

The unique design of KS 300 mechanical sieve shaker ensures that there is no tendency to move for the shaker during sieving operation which is primarily an ideal unit for field and laboratory usage. Used for sieving and grading test on soil, aggregates and etc.



General specifications:

25-3000 KS 300 motorised mechanical sieve shaker - c/w motion driver portable sieve shaker and clamping devices

*Accommodates sieves capacity of 200mm, 203mm and 300mm diameter test sieves excluding lid and receiver.

8 pieces (full height) of 200mm and 203mm diameter

6 pieces (full height) of 300mm diameter

*Approximate weight (kg): 80

*Electrical specifications (Volts, Hz, ph): 220-240, 50, 1

*Overall dimensions ( h x w x I in mm): 975 x 450 x 584

*Features a pre-set timer control as standard accessories

*Features a specially designed clamp which holds the sieves in place during operation

Accessories for KS 300 mechanical sieve shaker:

25-3001 Full listings of 200mm, 300mm and 450mm diameter test sieves conforming either to British Standards (BS) or American Standards (ASTM) are available.

Replacement parts:

25-3000/1 Guide Rod

25-3000/2 Clamping device (per pair)