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Concrete Testing Equipment
Slump Cone Apparatus

The slump test is carried out by filling the slump cone with freshly mixed concrete which is then tampered with a steel rod in three to four layers and after removing the mould vertically upwards, the amount of slump which occurs immediately can be measured accordingly. Used for determination of workability on fresh concrete.





General specifications:

60-5008 Slump Test Apparatus- c/w slump cone conforming to BS standards fitted with handles with ease for lifting or carrying, base plate with approximately 450mm square x 5mm and tamping rod of 16mm diameter with 600mm in length. Made from corrosion protected steel.

Accessories for Slump Test Apparatus:

60-5009 Stainless steel rule

60-5010 Trowel

60-5011 Slump cone funnel

60-5012 Stainless Steel Scoop

Replacement parts:

60-5008/1 Slump cone

60-5008/2 Base plate

60-5008/3 Tamping rod