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Soil Drying Oven

This range of ovens is designed for drying large quantities of soils and aggregate samples and maintain temperature in accordance with most B.S and ASTM requirements.

The standard SDO/225 is an economy model constructed of a prefinished coated mild steel exterior and an aluminium coated steel interior chamber which is both durable and corrosion resistant. These units meet the requirements of BS 1377 and are ideal for on-site laboratories and general soils and aggregate testing.


The SDO/225/BS model has been designed to meet the rigorous BS2648 and NAMAS requirements and is ideally suited for research, training and teaching purposes where greater degrees of accuracy or applications may be required.

All the larger soils drying ovens are constructed of mild steel with a powder coated exterior and an aluminium coated steel chamber which is both durable and corrosion resistant.

The 225 and 425 litre units are fitted with a thermostatic control and the 750 and 1000 litre units have a microprocessor digital control as standard.

Options and Accessories :

* Dial Thermometer 0-200C with collar fixing for door
* LED display for showing temperature on thermostatically controlled units
* Heavy duty shelves
* Units complying to BS 2648
* Traceable calibration certificates

Genlab ref. number Capacity (Ltrs) Temperature Fluctuation No. of Shelf Shelves positions Weight (kg)
SDO/225 225 40-200C 0.75 3 4 80
SDO/225/BS 225 40-200C 0.75 3 4 80
SDO/15H 425 40-250C 0.75 4 5 150
SDO/27H/DIG 750 40-250C 0.4 5 8 200
SDO/35H/DIG 1000 40-250C 0.4 5 11 240