Cross Line Laser
SP30 Automatic Rotation Laser

Features :

* Self-levelling with wire hung and magnetic damping compensator
* Visible or invisible rotating laser beam, horizontal scanning.
* Automatic shut off laser beam if out of levelling range, with unleveled warning lamp and battery power warning lamp.
* Sealed structure for using in various weather conditions.

Self levelling range 10'
Accuracy 1mm at 10m
Working distance with detector 150m
Rotating speed 300rpm
Power supply 4x1.5v C cell batteries
Operating time 10 hours for continuous operation
Wave length Visible 635nm laser diode
Laser safety class Class II <1mw
Sensitivity of circular level 8'/2mm
Weight 2.5kg


  -Exeed the datumn line, remove the detector downward, the sound is discontinuous.
-At the datumn line, the sound is continuous.
-Exeed the datumn line, remove the detector upward.
    1.Exeed the levelling range, the warning light(orange) flashed, must adjust the instrument vial.
2.Low power, the warning light(red) flashed, change the battery.
Features :

* Large detecting range, can detect laser beam from 635mm to 780mm.
* Two accuracy for option, with spirit level.
* With illumination under darkness.
Detection accuracy Fine : 1mm, Coarse : 2mm
Display LCD and buzzer
Sensitivity of the vial 30'/2mm
Power supply 1x9v batteries
Operating time 30 hours
Time for auto power cut off 10min
Weight 0.25kg