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Aggregate Testing Equipment
Speedy Moisture Tester

A well recognised test method for the determination of moisture content in various materials such as sand, fine aggregates and soil. A simple and quick procedure which involves the reaction between water and "Speedy" absorbent which mixed together to form gas and the quantity of gas formed is directly proportional to the water present in the sample. The result of the gas produced within built in pressure which is calibrated with a known moisture percentage. A simple conversion by graph or table will give the corresponding moisture content based on dry weight.


General specifications:

25-3001 "Speedy" Tester, large model - c/w "Speedy" moisture tester (varies according to different models available), "speedy" absorbent, digital scale, scoop, sample tin, brush and a pair of pulverizer (except for standard model).

*Approximate weight (kg): 7 inclusive of carrying case

Accessories for "Speedy" tester:

25-3002 "Speedy" absorbent/reagent

Replacement parts:

25-3003 "Speedy" gauge (range dependent)

25-3004 Scoop used with "speedy" absorbent

25-3005 Sample tin

25-3006 Digital scale

25-3007 Pulverizer (per pair)