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Leica TM5100A
The world’s most accurate theodolite with highest angular accuracy, panfocal telescope and autocollimation device.
The Leica Industrial Theodolites set new standards, giving you more features and benefits than any other Theodolites and Total Stations in the market.


The Industry Standard

The Leica Industrial TM5100A Theodolites bring precision  on-site. With unrivalled precision and superb optics, our Theodo-lites have become the standard instrument of choice in the aerospace industry for satellite alignment as well as for system and Heads Up Display alignment for combat aircraft.

Modular Flexibility

No matter your requirements, no matter the task at hand, we have the instrument that get your job done. When setting out, a single-instrument system, configured to your specifications, will meet most demands. And when the need arises, the system can be expanded to a multi-instrument system.

Technical Specifications about the TM5100A Total Station.
TM5100A & TDM5005/TDA5005 TDM5005/TDA5005 TM5100A
Proven track record with far over 1,500 TPS5000 instruments on the market give you the highest reliability possible

Highest angle and distance accuracy make Leica Industrial Theodolites the most precise instruments worldwide in their category

Completely open and programmable software interface seamlessly integrates with your standard software or with automated processes via serial communication

Motorization & Automation features offer completely guided and highly automated measurement of inspection and assembly processes

Minimal setup time within just a few minutes guarantee minimal downtime in production and assembly processes

Wide range of accessories and targets give you the best adaptation to your part inspection, building and tooling applications

Use your instrument under almost all condition - both indoors and outdoors

Measurement range beyond 500m (1,640ft) with TDM5005 and TDA5005 - a truly large-scale transportable measurement system for large assembly and inspection processes

Remote control option with TDA5005 makes this instrument a true single-operator system, controlled from the point of interest

Built-In Automatic Target Recognition ATR within the TDA5005 allows for fatigue-free, fast and consistent pointing with no need to look through the telescope, for "Point-and-Shoot" as well as tracking in "Step-and-Go"

Built-In Autocollimation Eyepiece - a recognized global standard tool for direction and coordinate-based precision alignment tasks