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TPS1200+ sectional view


Leica TPS1200+

The new Leica TPS1200+ is our most competitive total station ever. It provides the market’s most accurate reflectorless EDM with the smallest laser dot and measures distances over 1000 meters. Thanks to the new telescope fitted to all Leica TPS1200+ models, the user also benefits from the most accurate measurements to reflectors.

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Plus: Range and Accuracy
The best reflectorless EDM performance. Measure inaccessible or hard-to-reach targets more than 1000 meters away – without reflectors – and in true PinPoint accuracy. With its combination of range, accuracy, laser dot size and measurement time, the TPS1200+ represents the market’s best reflectorless EDM. And thanks to its extended range, there’s no need for additional instrument setups to reach missing points.

  • Reflectorless range 2000 m

  • PinPoint accuracy 2 mm

  • Laser dot size 2 cm/50 m

Plus: Speed and Productivity
One person is all it takes to search, lock, and measure points – more efficient and faster than any other one-person-total station in the world. The TPS1200+ works with an improved Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) sensor that tracks and follows the prism with more accuracy and reliability than ever before. If lock is interrupted, then the unmatched PowerSearch sensor quickly relocks onto the prism with one button press. Measure more points and increase productivity.

  • Search

  • Lock

  • Measure

Plus: Flexibility and Scalability
Leica Geosystems’ scalable system philosophy lets you think big, start small, and grow fast. With Leica’s SmartStation, SmartRover and SmartPole options, you can add full GNSS functionality to your TPS1200+ Total Station whenever you want. Customize your surveying equipment to your specific tasks, crews and budget. Combine TPS and GNSS in the most efficient way. Invest in flexibility whilst at the same time increase productivity.

  • Add

  • Plug

  • Work