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Leica TPS1200
Packed with exciting new features, built for speed, accuracy, ease-of-use and reliability, TPS1200 Total Stations carry out even the most complex tasks, better and more efficiently than ever before. And, best of all, they combine perfectly with GPS.
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TPS1200 as a member of the System 1200, together with GPS1200, integrates the unique X-function with the following features: 

  • Uniform operating concept

  • Identical data management

  • Standardized accessories

  • Powerful application programs

  • Common Office Software LEICA Geo Office

TPS1200 integrates high-precision measurement technology and a multitude of optional time-saving measurement aids:

  • Angle and distance measurement (IR)

  • PinPoint reflectorless EDM (RL)

  • Automatic Target Recognition (ATR)

  • Automatic Target Tracking (LOCK)

  • PowerSearch (PS)

  • Remote Control Unit (RX1220)