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Leica TPS700
Automatic target recognition? Reflectorless distance measurements on any surface? Automated measurements? Leica TPS700 gets you started in the automation of basic surveying tasks.

Leica TPS700 - just the perfect instrument for every day surveying: easy to use applications, full numeric keyboards, fast data entry and clear display of the measured values on the display.

Precision, reliability, user friendliness.

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ATR - Automatic target recognition

Automatic target recognition is not only quicker but provides for consistent precision in all situations and saves a lot of time and costs.  

Reflectorless distance measurement

TPS700 has two different coaxial laser systems. One of them produces an invisible infrared laser beam, the other a visible red beam. The invisible beam is used for conventional measurements to prisms or to reflector tapes. With the visible laser you can measure without prism to any targets, especially to targets that are accessible only with difficulty or not at all. You switch between the two lasers with two key presses only. The resulting distances and target-point coordinates are given directly and do not need post-processing.


  • ATR (automatic target recognition)

  • RL - EDM for measuring distances to any targets > 500m

  • Large display

  • Alphanumeric keyboard on both faces

  • Quick centring with laser plummet

  • Friction clutch and endless drive

  • Economic Battery power pack

  • Many TPS700 on-board programs

  • The Leica Geo Office Tools software supplied with the instrument enables you to integrate data smoothly into your calculation program or to transfer the results of your survey directly to a GIS system

With “Direct.dxf” functionality, data can be read directly from the instrument in dxf-format and read into AutoCAD® on a PC without any intermediate steps. Coordinates and point numbers can be stored in different layers.