Cross Line Laser
Surveying Compasses Series
LS-25 S-25 S-27 S-28



The 4 surveying compasses are specifically designed to be very handy and compact, and incorporate many features. They are used for mountain, forest and land surveying work.
Horizontal reading is available with the LS-25 LEVEL TRACON and the S-25 TRACON, and horizontal circle is provided with a very unique "O-BAC" device for easy zero-setting. The telescope of the LS-25 has a level which includes a reflecting mirror so that the bubble may be easily seen while sighting the telescope.
The magnetic induction damper is provided to ensure quick readings. stadia survey is available with the telescope reticle.

Specs\Models LS-25 S-25 S-27 S-28
Telescope reversible, erect, 12x (not reversible)
Telescope level 5'/2mm - - -
Horizontal circle 5', "O-BAC" zero setting - -
Compass circle Dia.=70mm, 1
Vertical circle full circle, 1 semi-circle, 1
Weight (with case) 1.1kg (1.3kg) 1.0kg (1.2kg) 0.9kg (1.1kg) 0.9kg (1.1kg)

means "same as with LS-25".




Model NO.33 and Model NO.35 Tripods are designed for the surveying compasses, but can also serve as a camera tripod.


3-stage extension type. Light weight, finished with alumite plating, and features easy handling.
132cm (fully extended), 53cm (collapsed)
Weight : 0.9kg (1.0kg with canvas case)


2-stage extension type. Rigidly constructed with the best quality wooden materials available, and offers easy portability.
135cm (fully extended), 75cm (collapsed)
Weight : 1.3kg (1.4kg with canvas case)