Weather Products    
Here's what you'll find in each of these sections:
  • Stations. Our new Vantage Pro2 weather stations for monitoring barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall, and wind speed and direction. Plus our original Weather Wizard III and Weather Monitor II.

    Sensors. Our anemometer and rain collector, along with sensors for temperature and humidity, leaf wetness, and solar and UV radiation all designed for use with our weather stations.

    Software. Data loggers and software for use with our weather stations. Create graphs, calculate totals and averages, analyze trends, and more all with your own weather database.

    Communication. To access data from remote weather stations. Choose telephone modem adapters or wireless repeaters.

    Installation Options include sensor mounting arms, shelters, heaters, solar power kits, and more everything you need for a custom installation.

    Other Items. You'll find our WindScribe, plus our Perception II stand-alone weather station, other hand-held wind speed indicators and a handy weather forecasting quick reference card.